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Being a part of CFDA creates for each of us a connection to a network of information and benefits that enable members to protect their personal and business interests as well as provide opportunities to better serve our clients and communities. In 2021 CFDA will renew our commitment to continuing education and personal achievement. We will endeavor to instill pride in your profession and your association.

Membership in CFDA results in greater professional strength.

In our May Conference Call Board Meeting, the CFDA Board decided to go with CHOICE membership vs. MANDATORY membership for 2021. What does this mean? You will have the option / choice of joining NFDA on your own, but it will not be mandatory with your CT dues next year. Your membership to CFDA counts. We are now joining the many states that have chosen this form of membership.

The CFDA dues application will be sent in mid-December for the year 2021. However, you should have received a membership application from NFDA in October. At this point, you may decide whether or not you want to join NFDA. Please note that you DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF NFDA TO RECEIVE YOUR MUSIC LICENSING which will come to you by NFDA as a separate billing.

During the pandemic, many of you came to the office asking why we were a mandatory membership with NFDA. Therefore, the Board felt it was important to listen and to allow you, the member, to make that decision. We realize that this year has been one of changes and challenges in many ways and has affected your businesses.

CFDA is a firm-based membership.

  • With the payment of one membership fee, the main location, all the additional locations and all
    licensed personnel at all locations will be considered members.
  • We are maintaining separate membership categories for retired licensees, apprentices, and students.
  • We are asking for the license numbers of all licensed personnel from a dues-paying firm.
  • Retired Licensee Member  $200.00
    Ideal for the funeral director no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of a business but still interested in the profession.

    Apprentice Members  $150.00
    Transition from student to practicing funeral director.

    Student Member  $100.00
    A great way for students who are enrolled in a mortuary science program or apprentices to get involved in their future profession.

    Associate Licensee Member  $400.00
    Not currently employed in a funeral home. No vote.

    Music License  $261.00 per location
    A separate application will be sent out by NFDA.

    Webcasting License  per website $50.00
    NFDA has finalized agreements with BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC to a webcasting license that enables you to legally broadcast funeral services that include copyrighted music over the internet.

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