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Every day, we face new experiences and challenges in funeral service. Some are specific to the business of burying the family and friends of the unconsolable. Still more often we find ourselves in a sea of questions about trusts, taxes, marketing and licensing, or the ever-changing requisites for employees, their insurance, their rights and their responsibilities. These solutions and their resources are the business of CFDA.

CFDA works hard to help members in all areas of funeral service/support including OSHA compliance areas, FTC regulations, preneed trust and preneed funeral insurance. Our bimonthly newsletter and educational seminars, presented periodically during the year and at the winter and summer meetings, address the issues that are at the forefront of your concerns.

NFDA serves as our link with the Federal government and represents funeral directors throughout the country when reviewing changes that affect our industry.

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The dues you pay are an investment in your industry. We are a trade association of Connecticut funeral directors and embalmers, and we are dedicated to helping each member grow and succeed. Visit our Membership section to find out how you can benefit by joining the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association.

Code of Ethics

    ”To The Public We Pledge:
    Proper legal regulations for the members of our profession.
    Devotion to high moral and service standards. Honesty in all offerings of service.
    To Those We Serve We Pledge:
    Confidential business and professional relationships.
    Respect for the creed and customs of every man.
    Competence and dignity in the conduct of all services.
    To Our Profession We Pledge:
    Support of high educational standards. Encouragement of scientific research.
    Adherence to sound business practices.
    Having received the honor of membership in the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association,
    I accept the obligation of the professional creed.”

    Download the CFDA Code of Ethics (PDF)

Our Commitment

To provide our client-families with those funeral services and products that are appropriate to the needs and wishes of the deceased and family.
To share with our client-families full and accurate information on any of the services or products we provide.

To fully detail and document our understanding of those services and products required of or requested by a client-family.

To answer and respond to any questions pertaining to our agreement.

To attempt to answer and resolve any problems efficiently and fairly with fair consideration given to the views and concerns of all parties.

Where a mutually agreeable resolution cannot be agreed upon, we further commit to seeking the arbitration services of The Funeral Service Consumer Arbitration Program.

Our commitment is to serve our client-families and our confidence in our services and products allows us to make this pre-commitment to the fair and timely resolution of any dispute.

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Sincerely yours,

John F. Cascio
Executive Director



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