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Being a part of CFDA creates for each of us a connection to a network of information and benefits that enable members to protect their personal and business interests as well as provide opportunities to better serve our clients and communities. In 2023 CFDA will renew our commitment to continuing education and personal achievement. We will endeavor to instill pride in your profession and your association. As our nation continues to be in the grip of a dangerous pandemic and a debilitating flu CFDA will continue to be vigilant and responsive to the changes in State and National health guidelines, as well as, Executive Orders from Governor Ned Lamont.

Membership in CFDA results in greater professional strength

In May of 2021 the CFDA Board decided to go with CHOICE membership vs. MANDATORY membership.  What does this mean?  You will have the option / choice of joining NFDA on your own, but it will not be mandatory with your CT dues next year. Your membership to CFDA counts. We have joined many states that have chosen this form of membership.

The CFDA dues application will be sent in mid-December for the year 2023.  However, you should have received a membership application from NFDA in October. At this point, you may decide whether or not you want to join NFDA. Please note that you DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF NFDA TO RECEIVE YOUR MUSIC LICENSING which will come to you by NFDA as a separate billing.

As a member of CFDA here are just some of the benefits you receive . . .

  • Pride in your Industry & Association by displaying the CFDA logo on your website and promotion material
  • Consumer Brochure: "Funeral Trust & Contracts: Regarding Medicaid Title 19" available with your funeral home imprint in English and Spanish
  • Interment Trust Services/ITS
  • Adding a Director of Member Services to CFDA Staff
  • Northeast Funeral Service Partnership which includes "Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania"
  • Partnership with Federated Insurance for Property/Liability, Workers' Compensation and Financial Protection Services
  • Partnership with TJB Financial Services, Inc.: Investments, Comprehensive Financial Planning, and Future Retirement
  • Partnership with Chamber Insurance Trust/Healthcare & Supplemental Insurance
  • Digital Communication through The Associate Newsletter, Website and 24/7 Email Blasts. There is a COVID-19 Reference Library of these Emails on our website in the members only section.
  • Representation in State Legislature for CFDA Issues
  • 401k Benefit Program
  • One hour of Legal Counsel
  • Public Relations Consultant
  • Advertising & Graphic Design Services Available

The CFDA Membership Booklet and Dues Application will be sent in late-December for the year 2023. Payments must be made after January 1, 2023.

Dues are payable each year. To assure listing in the CFDA Member Directory dues must be received by February 17, 2023.

CFDA Membership Structure
Complete 2023 Membership Brochure  (PDF)
2023 Dues Statement and Application Form  (PDF)
Code of Ethics and Our Commitment  (PDF)

Generally, funeral homes that pay dues are able to deduct 100% of those dues as ordinary business expenses for federal tax purposes. However, due to the recently enacted Budget Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993 (the "Act"), any dues revenues utilized by a professional or trade association for lobbying purposes cannot be deducted by the member who paid the dues.

In accordance with the Act, the CFDA is hereby notifying its membership that it estimates that 23% of 2023 CFDA dues paid by a member will not be deductible as ordinary business expenses for federal tax purposes. These estimates are to be used by members in determining what portion of their dues are deductible. Please provide a copy of this notice to your accountant or other tax preparer.

Please note that CFDA dues are not deductible as charitable contributions for tax purposes, but continue to be deducted as a business expense.

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